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Dial Plan PIN Codes


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hi, the extension does have a pin, and i am using 5.2.1 and also tried it on 5.3.0.\


Please advise on how i can make it work as we have continuous fraud issues where the fraudsters somehow are guessing our sip passwords. We dont publish them anywhere, and we have very tight security, so we would like to try this.

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Well you need to enable the "P" flag in the dial pan entry that should be prompting for the PIN. There is not much magic to it.


But I doubt that it would really make your system more safe against fraud. If they figure out your passwords, they will also figure out the PIN codes. The passwords are stored encrypted in the file system, except in the "generated" folder if you leave the provisioning file writing enabled. The other weak point could be soft phones and how they store the passwords in their file systems. If that would be the security leak, PIN would help as the soft phones are not storing them.

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I have tried enabling PIN for international calls, and there is no prompt and the call goes through as dialled.


I am not sure what you mean by the generated folder, as i looked and cannot find that folder. If you are referring to plug and play, we have it enabled but we dont use it, so i have no other idea what you mean.


We are getting hacked all the time, and i have no idea how they figure out the passwords. We dont normally use softphones, so i have no idea how we are getting hacked. The strainge thing is that it is very random, and hasnt caused me alot of losses, but it takes us too much time and energy fighting the hackers. I have checked every log i can find, and there is no indication that it is coming through the os as we have it pretty locked down,


I wish this pin feagure would work, as it would really help.

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