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Phone dialing *60 by itself


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I have run into an odd issue.


Our customer has about 13 Snom 320's all running firmware version 8.4.35 and they are experiencing a lot of dropped calls on incoming and outgoing calls. The PBX is on a 5.2.5 CentOS system. So far this is the only domain on this server experiencing these issues.


I've worked to replace nearly every aspect of the network save for the phones and the issue is still occurring.


The only thing i've noticed in the logs is that the phones occasionally send random *60xxxx codes that don't make sense.


I've checked with the customer and they are not dialing these *60's by themselves and appear in both PBX's call log and phone log.


I was hoping you could give me any insight as to what the issue is, i believe that if i can solve the cause of these *60 occurring then it would resolve the dropped call issue.


Attached the txt, with the *60 occurring in the logs.


Thanks in advance for your help

Snom320 - Starcode 60.txt

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I noticed in the starcode section 00 to 60 is reserved for speed dials, but they don't have any setup on the PBX or on the phones.


They do have a park orbit setup, however so do other customers but these starcodes don't show up in their PBX call logs.


These starcodes also show up on the phone's web interface as a dialed call. Why would a phone dial interbal PBX codes?


Is there a specific scenario that generates these codes other than picking up specific calls?

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Actually there are several *60 codes, like *601 and *602. I don't even know what exactly they are about, one is for call pickup definitively. I agree it does not look pretty to have those codes in the call history of the phone; how would you otherwise have a call pickup in the call log instead of a star code (if the phone does not update the number after it was called). I wish today in the year 2016 we would have gotten over those antique codes, but that is probably the price to have those features work on all phones.

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