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Installation on Suse

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Hi All,


Our company bought the Audiocodes Mediant 1000 device recently, and we are now setting up our first pbxnsip installation... Here's my problem.. I am a microsoft Slave, not a linux slave... Now, I have read other linux installation topics and it seems that you advise everyone to move to windows. As our device doesn't support any windows installations other than windows xp, moving to windows is not an option...I have done extensive tests on the windows platform already, and I am confident in the pbx configuration, as long as I can get it running on linux.


I got linux up and running (suse 10.0) and installed via the terminal... and I now have the linux core running (No gui whatsoever), and I have a disc with the latest setup file on an external CDROM drive. I know how to configure (the device) it now with YAST, and I know how to create directories... that's about it.


I created a directory in /srv called pbxnsip where I want to install pbxnsip...


Can anyone please give me a little help step by step what I need to do to install, and get it running to the point where I can see the web interface? (mount the cdrom... copy over the file... run the executable, and edit the configuration file....and of course, setup the process to auto start on system startup)


thanks alot!


Rudi Groenewald

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