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wan port


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what i wold like to know can the wan port and lan port work simoulaneousl


i have a senario


i have 2 of these devices and i have 2 offices diffrent location

i put public ip in the wan port and want to connect the two offices so that the see each other and users just dial ext toaccess each other



is it possible





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is it possible


Yes. That is actually the reason why there are two ports.


In contrast to other products in the market, the PBX can deal with many IP addresses. You don't have to worry about the RTP flow and the address translations.


One common problem is the default gateway - you must make sure that you have only one. When you get the IP address by DHCP on LAN and WAN, then usually you have two default gateways and that screws things up in Linux. Therefore on the latest and greatest we put some JavaScript in the web interface that presents a warning in the dangerous cases.

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like i call my remote office instead of calling 999 ext 150 i just want to call 150 and get the remote party


As long as there is no overlap with an internal extension than that should be possible. For example, use the pattern "1xx" in the dialplan if you want to route 3-digit numbers starting with "1" to a specific trunk.

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