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ringback tone instead of moh when in queue


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Can I setup agent group such as it'll play ringback tone instead of MoH, when the user is at the queue and no free operators available? I need exactly agent group, not hunt group.


Just set up a MoH that uses the "ringback.wav" as MoH file. Then you can assign that "music" to the agent group. The PBX will think it is music, but the caller will think it is ringback tone.

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I thought that way, but I can't find such parameter in agent group settings:



Primary Name:

Alias Names:

Display Name:


Agents (e.g. "41 42 43"):

Extensions that may jump in or out (* for all):

Ring Melody:


Event for connecting the call:

Dialog Permissions:

Accounts that may record a message:

Gap between announcements (s):

Agent recovery time (s):

Dial plan for outbound calls:

Send IM to these extensions:

Daily email report list:


Agent selection algorithm:

Ring stage duration (secs):

Number of agents added per stage:

When a call approaches the head of the queue:

After hearing ringback for (s) ...

... include the following additional agents (e.g. "41 42 43"):

After hearing ringback for (s) ...

... redirect the call to the destination (e.g. "73"):

If the caller already waited longer than (s) ...

... redirect to the destination (e.g. "73"):

User Input Handling:

Key 0:

Key 1:

Key 2:

Key 3:

Key 4:

Key 5:

Key 6:

Key 7:

Key 8:

Key 9:

Night Service:

Service Flag Account:

Night Service Number:

SOAP Interface:

Queue Status URL:

Agent becomes available URL:

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