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Hunt Group Music

Andrew D Kirch

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Well technically nobody is on hold in a hunt group - it just rings. Even if there are callers agead, they get not queued. That is the job of the agent group.


Once they are connected is it a regular call, that means the domain rules for MoH apply.

in Astrisk parlance a hunt group can be used as a "Ringall strategy queue" I have several points in my dialplan where I need to ring a group of users, but I'd prefer the caller hear music on hold. Once a call is answered any ring is synthetic, and it might also be argued that there are no ringing calls as PBXnSIP generates no ringing voltage. As this is entirely a simulated environment which is agnostic to voltage issues, how big a problem is it to throw a combodropdownbox offering "Ringing" or "music" as options.

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