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PCI Gateway Card

James Skinner

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Actually for an internal PCI card you would use an audiocodes TP260 with the SIP image loaded. It just draws power from the PC and pbxnsip talks to it via SIP over the Ethernet instead of the PCI bus which works fine. http://www.audiocodes.com/Content.aspx?voip=2876 I think I saw one on ebay pretty cheap on ebay but not sure if it has the SIP image or not http://cgi.ebay.com/AUDIOCODES-TP-240B-TRU...1QQcmdZViewItem since the support mgcp and h.323. Sangoma has been talking about a windows based API for their boards for two years now where we just send SIP requests to it but so far we have not seen a demo yet and it is in "beta". Dialogic has their SIPControl API which does what Sangoma's should do and it works for their analog cards and digitial cards. However it is pricy. I tested the 8 port analog card with pbxnsip and it works great and they include 8 SIPControl licenses but if you purchase a PRI you need to buy the card plus 15 more SIPControl licenses. But you get what you pay for!

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