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When will you be updating brochures and data sheets on the website for download. The current ones are very old and are not useful if your trying to sell 2.0.

A good product bruchure is neccesary selling tool and should be a priority. I meet with a customer yesterday and went over a proposal with them and I had no up to date brochures to leave with them. If anyone here has any brochures they have created and would like to share please let me know.




Tim Booth

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I couldn't agree more. We are new to pbxnsip, and the single thing spend the most time on is translating technical notes into how to use the features. A list of features is far cry from a users manual. If pbxnsip stays true to the channel, then these documents need to be available for customization by us. If anyone knows how to make fonts, it would be nice to have a font for the buttons on the popular phones. Snom, Cisco, Poly and others... I'll contrib, anyone else?

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We just put a short two-page flyer and a 12-page detail description on the web (see www.pbxnsip.com/downloads.php). What other material would be useful?


Maybe a trifold brochure that a reseller can print and include with the two-page flyer and a 12-page detail description. A feel good brochure with smiling people on Snom phones with a simply non technical overview of the product. Take a quick look ath the Asterisk Business Edition brochure, thiers is good. When I'm in a bid situation with a Nortel or Avaya product this information will make or break a deal. Its difficult to bid against the big boys when you dont have good marketing material from the manufacturer. I would pay for this material if pbxnsip had it.

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I did all my own marketing materials, I can tell you the catalog was not cheap but has closed every deal and I have knocked everyone out of the park with it .. it's a nice 16 page glossy piece with cover stock ..


I will supply printed versions free to anyone who purchases through Brandywine as their distributor, If you want tri-fold fliers similar to the attached.. I can modify them with your logo, email, web address etc and have them printed for you .. contact me for pricing and details if you like ..




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