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Inter-Domain dialing


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I need some help setting up inter-domain trunks/dial plans.


I tried going over the wiki and there is a big wealth of information but i still need a little bit of help.


Here is my scenario.


I have a PBX with two domains. Domain A and domain B. I want to be able to dial within these two domains interchangeably by using prefixes.


So for example to reach Domain B from Domain A use prefix 7. To reach domain A from B use prefix 9.


Some of the extensions are overlapping so hence the prefix, i was trying to use the pattern from this wiki page:




But i noticed that wiki is based on the 4.5 PBX and version 5 uses a different method. Which is here:




Is it possible to recreate the 4.5 scenario by using the prefixes? Creating a +10 digit for each domain extension as outlined in the wiki is rather tiresome when having to deal with 100+ extensions. How would the dial plan/trunk setup look like? Based on the wiki the recommendation is to create a dummy PBX with the global trunk and then use country/10 digit codes that searches for the correct PBX.


The only work-around to what i've found so far is to create a unique IVR/calling card node and use it as a means of dialing through the respective domains.


Would you be able to provide any insight on how to create the inter-domain dialing with prefixes? Is that even possible on version 5?


Current PBX is 5.3.2




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The documentation is now mainly on http://vodia.com/doc, there is something about the loopback on http://vodia.com/doc/domain_dialplans


Did you "Try Loopback" in the dial plan? If you disable the loopback detection in the global settings, that should work well.


In the latest 5.4 we have also included that you can use ext@domain to send calls to specific domains. That way you can avoid using long prefixes.

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