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How to block first and last name change from user portal

Richard SFTL

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Am having issues with actual options.

Some customers access the web portal and change the name.

Then its pure chaos finding who he actually is.


In portal;

profile/account info

the first and last name fields are changeable from user.


On the pbx admin, we dont have the option to block those changes.

Any quick fix i could use before i get totally lost?


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This is exactly what i tried.

Modified the file usr_code_settings.


Took out:


{ssi if show_section accinfo}
<td class="cText">{lng usr_core_settings.htm#first}</td>
<td><input type="text" id="first_name" value="{ssi varv first_name}" name="first_name" class="cText250" /></td>
<td class="cText">{lng usr_core_settings.htm#last}</td>
<td><input type="text" id="display_name" value="{ssi varv display_name}" name="display_name" class="cText250" /></td>


But for whatever reason, change dont appear on the customer web portal.

Its not the first time i tackle with those and it allways worked before.

Migth try to reboot pbx when no load to see what it does.

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I dont think a reboot will make a difference. Maybe just good old F5 will do the trick.


If you want to change the user portal, you might need to change another template. Because of WebRTC topic, the page must not be changed which requires a different approach when "loading" a new page.

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Actually that action now happens in usr_index.js file. You can copy it from the chrome sources and drop in the html folder of the PBX working folder with the same exact name. Then any changes you make to it should show. Search for accinfo for your specific area that you want removed and much more.



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