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Service Flag Holidays Syntax


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Can someone confirm whether entering the holidays in the wrong syntax in the "Holidays" section in a Service flag will cause any problems with routing calls. Essentially, some holidays have been entered as Day/Month and there are reports of calls not hitting the number that this service flag is connected to and so I wanted to know whether this could have been the cause?


What they have set - 1/1 3/25 3/28 2/5 30/05 10/6 5/7 29/8 25/12 26/12 27/12
What it should be - 1/1 3/25 3/28 5/2 5/30 6/10 7/5 8/29 12/25 12/26 12/27


Much appreciated



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mm/dd is the correct format.


From the service flag page on the PBX.



Holidays are using the month/day format and are also separated by spaces. Holidays define when the flag is set, regardless of the weekday setting for the respective day.


and at https://vodia.com/documentation/serviceflags



To specify the days on which you do not want the schedule to be activated, such as a holiday or any other day, use the holiday field:

  • To specify one day, use the MM/DD format (e.g., 11/24 for November 24).
  • To specify two days, use the MM/DD format with a space between the days (e.g., 12/24 12/25 for December 24 and 25).
On those days, the system will use the settings of the holiday field instead of the field for the specific day. This makes it possible to define reduced working hours on holidays (since version 5.4.2).
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The PBX splits the fields up, separated by space. Then it calculates the day and month based on the numerical value of the xx/yy pattern. If the pattern is not a number it will read it as 0, which is not a valid day or month, which in turn means that the comparison with the current date will fail, which means that the element will be ignored as if it was not there.

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