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Transfer tone while on call?


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Not sure if this is more of a handset manufacture area or PBX, I will try both.


Using Yealink T46's, spent a while going though all their settings cant find any thing for it, but it goes like this.


For simplicity and speed this is the most used transfer type with customers.


A = External

B = Internal (i.e Reception)

C = Internal (other desk phone)


A calls into B wants to speak to C

B calls C putting A on hold (using BLF button)

B & C are talking B transfers A while in call using transfer soft key.

A is connected with C


If C is not paying attention they wont know A has been connected as its a silent connection, is there a way for some tone here? a quick beep?.


The work around is B ends the call to C and does a blind transfer but this adds a few more button presses and is less 'smooth'


Should I approach yealink for this?


Fairly sure the same was true on snom handsets as well.

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Hmm you mean for the attended transfer there should be another announcement tone? Has this been done before? I don't think there is much the handset can do; the PBX just sends a Re-INVITE with the changed Caller-ID (and the possibility to re-negotiate the coded), but the media stream just cuts over from one packet to another.


The purpose of the consultation call is to make sure that C knows who he will talk to. We could say a "putting you through" before the media from A gets connected to C, but our impression so far was that B would say that anyway.

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Yeah you have the jist, could some thing be done on the re-invite part?


The main thing I think is just old people set in their ways. But they all tell me when I come in a day or so after doing a deployment to do some training that some kind of 'tone' at that point would be nice.


Some say their old physical PABX's they had did it, some don't, about 50/50.

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