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Agent Outbound Calling


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Hi, I am using Vodia 5.5.0. My concern is about agent outbound calling. I want two things.


1) After uploading numbers into outbound list when I dial *55 with agent group number, it gives me a prompt to use the call back list press 1. I think this option doesn't make any sense I should dial the number right away or option should be optional.


2) Every time to place a call I need to dial star code and press 1 to use call back list. Actually it should dial automatically after one call completion. This seems to be a headache if agent want to call on 100 number and after every call he need to dial star code and then press 1 to use list.


Please advise.

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Thanks for your reply. It seems to be fine but there is a little trouble. Suppose I've uploaded 2 numbers:

First number is not a working number/Disconnected or not in service. The call stuck on that number and nothing happen if you press * or # key. Even if you dial again with star code it stuck on the same number and not jump on 2nd number till you delete that number. Please advise.
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