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PBX stopped logging CDR records


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Status/Call Log OR Localhost/Status/Call Log: In both locations the system stopped to produce cdr records. The last record is from July 9th. That is page 731.


I already doubled CDR Recording Setting/Maximun numbers of of CDRs to 50.000, and we are running a small system with only 9 extensions.


A delete option would be nice or what kind of issue could cause this behaviour?


Thanks in advance for your advice!




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CDR are always deleted by the first-in-first-out principle. That means the oldest records get deleted when there are new records added. Every time it adds a record it deletes only a few records (10 I believe), so that a change in the CDR size does not cause a major table scan operation.


Unless you do something on the file system (e.g. making CDR records read only) this would work fine.

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This has worked fine for many years, but for some reason the updating process has stopped.


We did not change anything on the file system. The only recent change was an update to v 5.5.0


Could I simply delete the CDR records and see what would happen next? Which file oder folder can be deleted safely?

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Hello again. I didn't have time for the last couple of days to deal with this matter, but accidentially I made an interesting discovery today.


The CDRs are there, but not listed in an order that makes sense.


On the page Call History is says "Please select page". The most recent CDRs should be on the last page, but they aren't. That's why I did not find them.


I have 948 lines as of today and the newest CDRs are listed somewhere in the middle on lines 401-450. Line 1 ist June 2nd 2016 and line 948 July 15th 2016.


Not very useful. Has some index been mixed up maybe?

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I looks a little like the numbers are not sorted numerically, but as strings, where "3" is bigger than "29". But I was not able to see that in our system over here. It would be awesome if you could give me the JSON that the PBX sends to the web browser so that we can see if that could be the case (browser "inspect" in Chrome) in a private message.

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