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Setting a directory to save cdrs, recordings, pcap files in a microSD Card

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I just enabled a Beaglebone Black Rev C to run the pbx software and I notice that after installing the operating system, the pbx software and the audio files for the language,there is still room in the eMMC memory flash, but not too much. So, It would make a lot of sense to use the Beaglebone Black facility of having a microSD Card device to use it to save CDRs, Recordings, PCAP Files and in general anything that is not the core application software. To make a test, I am using an 8 GB microSD Card and by using the df -k command under a terminal I was able to see where it is in the beaglebone black. The line that clearly shows the microSD Card that I placed is the following one:


Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on

/dev/mmcblk0p1 7726080 4 7726076 1% /media/BBB_STORAGE


I recognize the size of it (about 8 GB), that I have not yet used (only 1% is used) and the label that I placed in the microSD card at the time when I formated it (BBB_STORAGE)


So far so good, however, I just do not know how to tell the pbx that it should use the mircoSD Card to write all those those files that could be eating the small room left in the eMMC flash memory.


As always, help is greatly appreciated!

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