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Agent Group - Recorded Calls


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I'm looking at the agent group account and noticed that under Recorded Call section there are the following outputs:



Start From To Agent Play




Everything but the Agent is being displayed in the CDR. When i go into the Call Log i can see that there's data for every field but the recorded call section doesn't display the agent involved in that call.


My question is, what would i need to modify for the Recorded Call section to display the agent?


PBX is version 5.5.0


Thank you.

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There is nothing you can really do here. If the record does not show an agent, then that information is simply not there. Of course the question is: why? There are some unusual cases like the call gets picked up from someone who is not an agent of the group. Are there any agents at all on your list? Maybe you can see a "pattern" when there are agents and when there are not, and then work from there to make sure that the agents are properly listed for each call.

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Thanks for replying.


I do see agents sometimes appearing during the general recorded calls section but that seems to occur only if someone dials an agent (extension) directly.


In regards to the Agent Group it never seems to show up even though that information is technically present during the call log. See below for example.


Agent Group Call Log:


Time From To Agent Waiting Time Ring Time Talk Time (Hold Time)
9/21 1:53P "Anonymous" <sip:anonymous@domain.domain.com> "Center" <sip:Telephone#@domain.domain.com> "Jaime" <sip:224@domain.domain.com> 00:15 00:06 02:20 00:44


Agent Group Recorded Calls:

Start From To Agent Play
9/21/2016, 2:10:20 PM Anonymous (anonymous) Center (Telephone#) ##


Sorry for the poor formatting i simply copied and edited the data. ## indicates no data.


So there are multiple agent groups and all the agents are logged into them. The call flow is designed so that all calls go through the agent groups.


I'm looking for guidance on how to have the Recorded Call section properly show the Agent/Extension involved in the call as the PBX clearly has this data but is not displaying it in other sections.


Thank you

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