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Agent Timeouts

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I am running version 5.5.0 on Centos.


The customer is reporting that after someone waits in queue for long periods of time the call gets dropped. I am not yet sure how long they are waiting but will find that out.


I have a queue setup with the following. Where do I find what the default value is and where is it set? Will these events trigger even if I have nothing in the destination field? Example, if the caller has been waiting longer than default minutes will that event trigger and if it triggers what will the system do if there is nothing in the destination field. I hope to discover that if there is nothing in the destination field the event should not trigger since there is no destination.

Caller in queue
  After hearing ringback for (s) ... Default ...
    include the following additional agents (e.g. "41 42 43"): 
  After hearing ringback for (s) ... Default ... 
    redirect the call to the destination (e.g. "73"): 
  If the caller already waited longer than ... Default ... 
    redirect to the destination (e.g. "73"): 
  Redirect anonymous calls to (e.g. "41"):
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