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  1. I got no reply on my ticket for two weeks. Are there someone else there can help me in this case. I use Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
  2. No, i have tryed via the Windows App, and Google Chrome but still no informations. If i e.g. click on Missed calls, the list are showing, but still a zero on the buttons. to info i see the calls in the ACD Windows, so the App are online
  3. Hi Anton Thanks for your reply. I just upgrade to 66.0.3, but still the same. The screenshot are after some calls to the ACD 83. Did you setup some other premissions some where?
  4. Still no data. Did i need to start a ticket ?
  5. I have setup this, but still the same with 0 in all fields 1. Under ACD -> Edit/Monitoring “Premission to monitor this account” [The extension nbr] 2. under Extensions -> Permission “Manage agent Groups” [the ACD group nbr.] did i miss something?
  6. I have setup the premission for monitor ACD but i still no data on the screen after some incomming calls.
  7. I search after a option for my customers to see the queue status for the ACDs (how many in queue and waiting time). It was possible in v .57 under ACD -> Calls
  8. Hi, I have install V.66 and login with an Ext user. When i choose ACD, each field are not updated, when there are calls to the ACD, what did i missing in my setup? I can't find the "Live Calls" so my customer can se the queue status, where is this status? Will it be possibel to pick from the queue, so my customer e.g. can pick a call there are number 3 in the queue? Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks, but i not want to upgrade the PBX, only the os from Win7 to Win10 The PBX start up on the Win10 but the licenses are inactive after upgrade the OS, i try to type in the existing licenses, but nothing happend.
  10. I have a PBX .57 running on a windows 7 Pro computer and need to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. I make a windows upgrade direct on the Windows 7, but after starting the Windows 10 i have licenses issue, and can't activate it. Are there a workaround for this upgrade.. I role back on Windows 7 and then the PBX work again...
  11. Thansk, but which ports did i need to setup in the NAT, so i can use it from outside (LTE)
  12. Now i have upgrade to v65 and log the App on the PBX from the local network. Where can i setup the Protocol and port for TLS, UDP & TCP in the App, so i can try it from outside the office, where i need the WAN IP and port to use it.
  13. Thanks, i try with 64 and here the app need QR code after restart the app. i will try with 65
  14. Hi, I have install the App for iOS m, but when i start the App it’s only open my camera, for QR scanning. Can i only use this App with QR code?
  15. Hi, I have upgrade to V.65 and try the App for Mac and Weblogin via Chrome (https) - I can't get audio in my headset (it's works with Zoiper) - Under ACD i can't the the queue calls - If i use CallBack feature all calls are first in queue position -henrik
  16. Any way to provisioning a Snom D765 to v. 64, when the LAN provisioning dosen’t work?
  17. To info. I copy the files from Windows 10 to Windows 7.
  18. Thanks. You are right my 821 are 10 years so i change it What abort my Snom765 here the LAN provisioning still dosen’t work. When i use the setup, the phone reboot but still not provisioning, only ask for language.
  19. Hi, After upgrade to V64, my phone have to provisioning. I default reset the phone and find the phone in the LAN DEVICE under Admin. I press Setup and choose the domain and extension. Now the phone reboot but the phone dosen't provisioning like v.57, where the phone upgrade the firmware and works after 10 min. I try on a Snom 821 and Snom 765 with the same result.
  20. Update.... I copy the msvcr.dll file from another windows and activate it with command and then i solved this issue. regsvr32 "c:\windows\system32\msvcr120.dll" and regsvr32 "c:\windows\sysWOW64\msvcr120.dll"
  21. Sorry, but i dosen't work When i start the pbx manually \pbxcrtl.exe --no-daemon i got an error about missing MSVCR120.DLL on the computer
  22. Hi, I Can't upgrade from version 63 to version 64 (windows 32 or 64 bit) When i upgrade via URL or manuel i get an error 1053, when i try to start the services.
  23. Hi, have you try the Night Service on the ACD, to sent all calls to another ACD or ext?
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