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Full Setup within LAN Only


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Hello All, I'm very green to all of the PBX World,


I'm starting a new Topic because I can't seem to find the answers I'm looking for,


If there is a tread for my answer feel free to direct me the appropriate way,


Thank in advance for your help,


Here is my question and trouble I have,


I just setup the PBX (V.56.0) in 2 different setup on in Windows server 2012 and the other one in windows 7 pro both 64 bits I get the same problem,


Setup PBX on my Lan No problem I can get to web interface no glitch, I set-up the domain and one extension no problem,


I setted up the trunk connects fine with my voip provider,


The problem is I can't seem to be able to register any ATA (tried Grandstream and Cisco SPA112) They don't register, If I got in the setup device in LAN I can see the ATA, but even if I let it set-up it never shows up in the registration,


My firewalls are turned Off on the Windows Machine, They don't run at the same time and both pbx licence are registered


Can we Connect to the Trunk and register ATA's on the same lan interface?


Thank you for you precious help

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There is something at https://vodia.com/doc/admin_ports. You have to keep in mind that in contrast to a web server, the PBX needs to be able to advertise its routable IP address.


If the devices are in the LAN, things should be simple. You might want to take a look into the automatic provisioning, which does pretty much everything for you.


It gets complicated when you want to run the PBX on a private (which means, not using an IP address that can be reached from the Internet) IP address. Most SIP trunk provider use a session border controller today which can "fix" the problems of your PBX running on a private IP address.


This is unfortunately a problem that the fathers and mothers of the SIP standard ignored pretty much. But there is tons of information about it in the Internet.

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The key to make sure that the firewall is not the problem is to watch the traffic on the PBX, e.g. log REGISTER requests and get PCAP traces e.g. for calling the mailbox. Also for single-domain (e.g. CPE) deployments make sure that the domain name is "localhost" and not changed so something else that does not match what the phones are using.

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