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Watch the calls of the following extensions

Art King

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Well, there is some text in http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/General_User_Settings. It is more or less a front-end to the PnP mechanism, so that the phone gets the settings automatically. Not very sophisticated yet. We are dreaming about phone-dependend provisioning profiles...




I'm a newbie and we have an issue (related, i think) we would like fixed.


The function keys on my phone are all set to "extension" with all of our colleagues extensions numbers.

When one of my colleagues is placing a call (internal or external). I see the LED blink (good, i like this) but

I also see on the display the phone number my colleague is calling (not so happy with that).


Is there a way to keep the LED indication (useful to know if a line is engaged) but not display the phone number my colleague is calling (some of us feel it goes too far)?


Thanks in advance


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Currently not... But we heared this requirement also from other sides. It is somewhere on the to-do list.


We have had similar feedback from our customers. They like the fact they can see the status (as per Mitels etc), but find the fact they can see 'who' someone is calling, is a little off-putting.

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Was this ever addressed? We have a customer with Snoms running v7 and PBXnSIP 2.1 - they no longer see who's calling who, and... they want the ability back!!! Some of our customers don't like it due to privacy, others do like it because they're nosey. Is this an optional feature, or has it simply been removed? Was it a Snom or PBXnSIP thing too?

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Well, the "dialog-state" style still presents the caller-ID and that feature is still available.


The "buttons" style also provides the information, however the snom's don't display that (yet).


No matter what you do - the customers always complain :-))


But a privacy policy concept that goes beyond on/off is still not available.

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