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caller id passthrough


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I am trying to send the caller id of the inbound call to a call forwarded to a cell phone. My inbound trunk is vitelity and my outbound trunk is telnyx. I know it is possible

because I had it working on a freepbx system. It would show the extension number if calling from internal extension as well as the caller id of the inbound call. Currently all calls forwarded to the cell phone show private number.

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One of our operators, Twilio, says it's OK with our PBX "spoofing" the CID when calling out on their trunks for as long as the CID belongs to someone calling into their system.

This would enable us to forward the actual originating CID to our cell phones.

Caller (CID#1) --> Twilio Trunk  --> PBX --> Twilio Trunk -> Cell phone (sees CID#1) 

However a caveat is that CIDs from calls originating from non Twilio trunks as well as from internal extensions should not be spoofed (or can't be spoofed).

I'm uncertain about how to configure trunks properly for this scenario.

Any ideas?

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In the latest (currently 59.8) we have revisited the header parameter "from" so that it should take it from the inbound trunk, if available. So if you want to try this again, our suggestion would be to move to 59.8 and use the {from} header in e.g. in the From header. There is also now a log available that shows all available variables, which should make ths trunk setup easier. Also there should be a drop down for setting up Twilio trunks that do it all for you, so you don't have to fiddle with the headers at all...

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