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domain level email_header.htm ignored ?


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For one our customers, I'm trying to set up a specific logo in email_header.htm template. So I modified the template for his domain but it doesn't seems to be used. That's always the server one that's served.

Is it a bug ?

I tried to get around this bug and tried to get the domain name and build the logo URL in the main email_header.htm. Seems to work well but I have to add the domain varh to every template in the domain.

Is there a way to make some kind of 'if' a variable is set and swtich between custom URL (of var is set) and default one (if var isn't set ?). Or better : get the domain name directly in the main template ?

Hoping my question is clear.


Best regards,


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From what I experienced, with an customized email_header.htm at admin level, the domain level one isn't used. Tried many changes and only ones in the admin level template are used.

BUT email_header.htm is somewhat specific as it's never called directly but included from other templates. Could it be the cause ?

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