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WebRtc Not using referring uri or ip


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We have managed to use the user web dialer to make calls and is working 100% within our LAN network.

When performing the same from externalyl the actual call is initiated but no voice or ringing. When we run wireshark on the desktop we can see the that there is STUN traffic trying to connect to the internal IP address of the PBX server which is obviously not reachable from external.

Is there any configuration that has to happen so the web dialer knows to use the referring uri or IP instead?

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Unfortunately when i tested the above i had my VPN connection on and only realised this now when trying to test this again. 

I still think we have a NAT problem but what i do not understand is this do not want to work internally now. When using chrome's WebRTC Internals it seems that it is now trying to use the external IP configured in the IP Routing List when we are coming from an internal IP and this information is coming from googles stun server (stun:stun.l.google.com:19302).  See attached image.

Any clarity on how this works would be appreciated.

2017-12-05 18_47_15-WebRTC Internals.png

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