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Auto Provisioning on New Yealink Phones


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Hi, I am using Vodia 5.3.2 version. We've portal from Yealink RPS where we can redirect the Yealink MAC addresses to Vodia PBX. I add MAC address on Yealink Portal and redirect it to PBX IP like "http://216.205.xx.xxx" here "216.205.xx.xxx" is vodia PBX IP. I add MAC address on extension and open it for provisioning, reboot the phone and it get configuration. Before Yealink has MAC ID's in range 001565xxxxxx which was working perfect for provisioning. Now they have MAC ID's in range "805EC0xxxxxx" which is NOT working. If I add Server URL like "http://216.205.xx.xxx/prov/yealink-805EC0xxxxxx.cfg" then it works. Please advise.

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I think this is a known issue. I know it is an issue in version 59.0 and do not know if any newer versions fix this problem. The PBX does not know that 80:5E:C0 is the OUI for a Yealink phone so it does not know which RPS to send the MAC address to. 

You can manually enter the provisioning URL into the phone as you did. I have been logging into the Yealink RPS and manually adding the phone.

As far as I know the only solution is to upgrade the PBX to a version that has this bug fixed.

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