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Cell phone redirection partly stopped working with release 60.0


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I'm trying out the 60.0.1  release.

Having some trouble:

- Cell pone redirect for an extension (114) to a certain number (+6421NNNNNN) stopped working

- Calling +6421NNNNNN from the 114 extension works.

- Cell pone redirect for the extension works when set to a different but similar number (+6427NNNNNNN) 

Note that the number that works has more digits than the number that doesn't work. 

It is not likely that the issue is with the outgoing trunk, because the log doesn't indicate any INVITE messages sent through the trunk when 114 is called and cell phone is set to +6421NNNNNN , and the trunk operator (Twilio) doesn't log any attempts or errors.

Dial Plan used by 114:

101;Twilio (CH Office);;00*;"sip:+\1@\r;user=phone";;false
103;Twilio (CH Office);;0*;"sip:+41\1@\r;user=phone";;false
104;Twilio (CH Office);;5500*;"sip:+\1@\r;user=phone";;false
105;Twilio (CH Office);;550*;"sip:+41\1@\r;user=phone";;false
106;Twilio (CH Office);;+*;"sip:+\1@\r;user=phone";;false
The setup works in v59.0





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34 minutes ago, Vodia PBX said:

Sounds like a problem with the trunk settings to me. Try filtering in the LOG for the IP address of the SIP trunk provider; there should be some kind of error message on what they don't like.

I couldn’t find any SIP messages going out to the trunk when the particular cell phone number is used. SIP messages were sent when the working number was used.

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