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forwarding problem with two phone registered on same extension


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I've Vodia 56.00 and two Yealink registered on the same extension (41 and 41bis). When I receive an external call, both phones rings and this is ok and normal.

If I answer the call from one of the two phone and I transfer the call to another extension with the "TRAN" option on the button or on the display, everything works.

If I want to transfer the call, without answering the call, I select TRANS option or button or display (41), I digit the extension I want to transfer to (43)but the extension doesn't ring, the second phone (41bis) stil rings and if I do again the transfer on the 41bis, then the transfer works.

The problems seems related to the two registration on the same account + transfering the call without answering.

Thank you for the help

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Which phone is 41bis? Also, BLIND transfer should work fine. If it had been just one phone in picture here then you can try that the Blind transfer works fine. 

If you try to blind transfer from 41bis first (and if it doesn't work) and if you try again from 41 does it give you the same issue again?

If yes, then the cancel is not being sent from both the phones at the same time (because they aren't in sync with each other) and hence yes double registration might be the issue.

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