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Caller ID update on trunk

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Could someone explain what exactly the Trunk setting 'update caller id' is doing ?

My trunk settings :
HeaderRequestUri: {request-uri}
HeaderFrom: {trunk}
HeaderTo: {request-uri}
HeaderRpi: "{trunk-display}" <sip:{trunk-ani}@{domain}>

I have a Voip Provider where Remote-Party-Id is responsible for the Number/Call identification.

I would like the behaviour that an incoming call, that is send though the pbx to another line, displays its original number to the other end. Right now it is the Trunk Ani that displays on the receivers phone.

Can anyone give me a hint how to do this ?


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Try using the {from} pattern and then follow the rules to determine what exactly you want to see there https://doc.vodia.com/trunk_ani once you have done the trunk it would be great if you send support an email, then we can include it in the next build so that other users can just use it.

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I got stuck on the fact, that the original FROM Header is replaced by the pbx when it starts the new call to route the incoming call. I don't find a possibility to 'keep' the original FROM.  I was hoping that the Trunk 'Update Caller Id' did something like that, but obviously it is not.

So if anyone can think of a way to transport the FROM from the incoming call to the FROM of the outgoing call, it will be very easy to pass on that information to the trunk.


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