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Click2Call with Open Xchange App Suite and Vodia PBX


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Open Xchange is a very common groupware that we use successfully in our facilities. The phone numbers of the contacts are displayed as clickable uri: callto:0815
It would be fantastic to have this Uri in the following format to make calls over a Vodia PBX:

https://pbx:443/remote_call.htm?user=09%40localhost&dest=0815&auth=09%40localhost% 3Asecret&connect=true

Unfortunately, it looks like this URI can not be changed in App Suite. So it needs a Firefox WebExtension.

Is that already there? Otherwise, this could be developed with little effort. I would participate in the development costs if the code were released as open source. 🙂

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Many Thanks! That would be very friendly and a help creating the WebExtension. Can you see my email address?

Here is a quick and dirty Click2Dial solution for MacOS. But it works!

1. Create this shell script - insert your extension and passwort:






open $URL


2. Download the app Platypus and create the app OXcallingVodia.app selecting the above shell script. Store the app in application directory inside your home directory.

3. Download the app LinCastor and registrate the app OXcallingVodia.app with the default protocoll callto

With more time you can edit Info.plist etc ... or write a webExtension 🙂


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In https://github.com/muristan/OXcallingVodia you can find both versions: for macOS and for Linux.

The macOS version works with all browsers because the app registers the callto protocol in the operating system, so browsers only ask which application to use for the protocol. Then just select OXcallingVodia.

The Linux version depends a lot on the installed desktop. That's why I chose the path here, that in Mozilla the Protocol handler is created. At the first call, Mozilla then asks for the application to open. Then select the shell script oxcallingvodia.sh You can save this choice for the future. .ut the Protocol Handler can probably register similarly in other browsers like Chrome.

My secretaries have new snom A170 headsets and are very excited about Click2Dial. Click on the phone number in Open Xchange, open the line touching the button on the headset and wait until the called party answers. 🙂   

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