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Call forward after x amount of calls on a trunk


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How can I call forward to an extension if calls on the trunk are busy.

What I'm trying to test is: 

To only allow one active call per system.


For example, someone calls in reaches an auto attendant, the caller presses the key and then the call is forwarded to an external number. The second call that comes in, to go directly to voicemail. 


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You can try utilizing the CO lines for a specific trunk, then when it runs out of lines it should prioritize the busy routing you've created for that specific trunk.


That way you can keep your attendant without having to use any other accounts.



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2 hours ago, chrispopp said:

No that won't work either. If the call is forwarded out, then it considers it released, and will accept new calls.

The scope would be within the ACD, not on domain level but it would send calls away if there is anybody else in the ACD. Maybe you can elaborate a little bit more on the use case, and then we can take a look what we can do to get as close a possible.

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