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Extension Display Image Snom D735

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We are trying to get a Snom D735 to display the Extensions display picture as the User picture on these handsets. Once the images are uploaded they are displayed next the the extension and in the user profile however not on the physical phones.

Are there any special requirements for this work on the phone or provisioning XML's?

We have tested 62.0.3 and 63.1

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OK, further to the previous update, we have found that if we wind back to 62.03

Ext Icon now works: see below

Added picture:

see attached

Went back to 63.1 – Broken under the Extension: see attached

But displays the image on the Extension list:

see attached

It appears that 63.1 has link issue?


62_03 adding icon-1.png

62_03 adding icon-added.png

63_1 adding icon-1.png

63_1 Display.png

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We are also scratching our heads how we can get the extension thumb nail onto the phone via the provisioning process. So far we could not get any answer from the snom interop partner management. It works beautifully when done manually from the web interface. But there seems to be no provisioning way to do that. 😢

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We have contacted SNOM support and they have said that this option can be set like the D785 however the XML does not contain the URL:

<user_pic idx="1" perm=""></user_pic>
<user_pic idx="2" perm=""></user_pic>
<user_pic idx="3" perm=""></user_pic>
<user_pic idx="4" perm=""></user_pic>
<user_pic idx="5" perm=""></user_pic>
<user_pic idx="6" perm=""></user_pic>
<user_pic idx="7" perm=""></user_pic>
<user_pic idx="8" perm=""></user_pic>
<user_pic idx="9" perm=""></user_pic>
<user_pic idx="10" perm=""></user_pic>
<user_pic idx="11" perm=""></user_pic>
<user_pic idx="12" perm=""></user_pic>

Are you able to advise where these files are stored on the PBX and how are they referenced so we can manually adjust the provisioning XML and see if the phone provisions correctly?

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The next version will be 63.0.4 - hopefully tomorrow.

The topic with the certificates is a little bit longer (maybe worth another discussion thread). In a nutshell - if you are on public IP turn the ACME certificate generation on ("letsencrypt") and the PBX will generate a valid certificate for you. Otherwise the phone has to turn the certificate validation off.

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We have updated to 63.0.4 and this still has not fixed the issue.

Snom D735:




PBX Version:


PBX Extension:



Phone Screen:



We would like to work with a developer to test this in a real environment rather than following the bouncing balls for months. Because we also noticed other things are now broken like the Screen transparency which was fixed in the last version and the User Portal has switched back to the old version...

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