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Ring All ACD


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I know you can make this work but for the newbie it would be nice if there were a simple menu option in the ACD stuff.


It is generally not a good idea to ring all agents "immediately" because this creates a major hickup in the system, sometimes even in the network. IMHO gradually calling all agents is not so bad.

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major hickup as in 50 INVITES all at one time? it shouldn't create 50 RTP stream.


Even if there is no RTP 50 INVITE are a challenge. Think about TLS, DNS, ENUM and all the blows & whistles that need to be taken care of. Plus people are waiting in line for address book lookups for all these 50 agents in their personal address book. Ouch!

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TLS shouldn't start until the RTP starts right? hopefully DNS is cached.. maybe its hard for the system to generate so much with internal database lookups but i would think the bandwidth should be fairly light with no RTP.


No, TLS is used to send out the INVITE through a secure channel. In SIP, you have to allocate the RTP ports when sending out the INVITE (unless you want to end up in an endless discussion about offer/answer). So it is a pretty expensive operation.


Apart from that, I think if all 50 phones are ringing when someone calls in, not sure if that is what you want in an office.......

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