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Importing from 57 to 64.1 does not work


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in v64.1/Win64 (build date: Jan28th2020) in our system the Extensions/General page/section does not show the values (like extension number, name and so on) - but PBX system including extensions is running as expected until now.

Looks like the other pages to selected extension are showing values/content.
I am just commenting this perhaps you have similar display/not display issue concerning your extension-values.

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I am careful with it :-)

I updated to actual Win64 build as of today (Feb11th2020),
but even with this version for typ "Extension" the general page/section does not display values (like account number, Outbound ANI etc.)
looks almost like this page empty - other pages show their values.

I cleared browser cache, tried different browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Chrome), even private mode.
No luck - Agent Groups are OK showing values - but Extensions still missing the values/content.

and we did not make any changes/user adjustments to the page/page layout. it should be still "original" without any modification.

v64.1 Win64 - Feb11th2020.png

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That is indeed weird. We are also on the latest 64.1 🙂 but we don't have that problem. I would look at the "inspector" (JavaScript debugger) if there is any warning. Maybe Umläute that somehow screws things up (though this should of course not happen). You should see requests that go to the PBX trying to fetch the user settings, and they should contain valid JSON responses. 

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I can see a TypeError:

TypeError: $(...).erase is not a function

I attached a screenshot - hope this helps you finding a solution/fix
probably an issue inside/with dom_ext.js
We are not using a customized version of this file!

It should be in it´s "original state" - at least not showing up anywhere under customization / not at domain and not at extension level

Any hint how to solve our issue/error? Can you please create a fixed build v64.1/Win64?

VodiaPBX v64.1 Win64 Feb11th2020 - Inspector - Java script debugger - TypeError.png

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good news - after one more update to actual v64.1 now "Extensions" shows the values/data at the "General page/section".

one thing I noticed: the build date did not change - so it could be a little bit irritating in which version/build this is fixed.
Probably you did not compiled new exe and updated other parts/files... so there was no change with build date.

@Vodia PBXthank you

@chrispopp perhaps you should update to actual v64.1 and retry importing your test-domain, in case of your issues could have to deal with the now fixed "not displaying values at General page" - Good luck!

Gute Nacht.

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