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Unknown behavior

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This morning, there were no phone service.. i went to the logs and found this:

Where there was a hostname it only showed the servers IP instead.

Then i restarted the whole windows server, everything got back to normal.

Any ideas?

Thank You


Login History
Date    User    URL    Address    
3/6/2020 9:25:28 PM        admin    https://myserver/    myserverIP    
3/6/2020 10:58:11 AM    admin    https://myserver/    myserverIP    
3/6/2020 8:41:33 AM        admin    https://myserver/    myserverIP    

3/6/2020 1:10:15 PM        admin    https://x.x.x.x/    x.x.x.x    This two lines were with the IP # and not the host
3/6/2020 1:09:50 PM        admin    https://x.x.x.x/    x.x.x.x    **** Wtho line is RED COLORED ****

3/5/2020 1:22:20 PM        admin    https://myserver/    myserverIP    
3/5/2020 4:10:26 AM        admin    https://myserver/    myserverIP    
3/5/2020 4:10:02 AM        admin    https://myserver/    myserverIP    
3/5/2020 4:07:01 AM        admin    https://myserver/    myserverIP    
3/5/2020 4:01:29 AM        admin    https://myserver/    myserverIP    
3/3/2020 11:26:53 AM    admin    https://myserver/    myserverIP    
3/1/2020 11:46:24 AM    admin    https://myserver/    myserverIP    
2/26/2020 10:00:11 AM    admin    https://myserver/    myserverIP    
2/25/2020 11:22:37 PM    admin    https://myserver/    myserverIP    
2/25/2020 11:50:41 AM    admin    https://myserver/    myserverIP    
2/25/2020 11:28:24 AM    admin    https://myserver/    myserverIP    
2/25/2020 10:50:42 AM    admin    https://myserver/    myserverIP    
2/25/2020 2:15:52 AM    admin    https://myserver/    myserverIP    
2/25/2020 2:04:54 AM    admin    https://myserver/    myserverIP    
2/25/2020 1:18:32 AM    admin    https://myserver/    myserverIP    
2/24/2020 9:51:47 AM    admin    https://myserver/    myserverIP

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Well that means someone was trying to log in - but did not have the right password. You can see from what IP address. This is a reminder to make sure that you have a reasonably good password on the server. If you like, you can also restrict from what IP addresses the admin can log in.

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Humm interesting...

Because myserver and myserverIP were the same, does this means someone was trying to loging from withing the server?

I check the windows logs and didnt find a login in to windows,.. but some attacks,...

I will keep an eye on this.  And appreciated your help!



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If you are using a browser on your own server then you will see something like or ::1. That is normal. Typically attacks come from some anonymous addresses, e.g. dark net and are physically far away.

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Thank You for the TIP, im now more comfortable.

PS: Im seen my own public IP instead of the, but i believe it is about the same..


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