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Custom SMS provider support

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I'm checking the SMS setting and I saw only few provider are supported. So why don't you plan to implement a "custom SMS provider support" where the user just need to specify like HTTP POST, the body, headers, etc, something like a general HTTP post setup. It would be simple in this case for integrators like me implementing some "gateway server" vodia <---http_post---->gateway<---anysms provider>. Thank you for your attention.



Alessandro Marzini

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For example, with Pushbullet API I can use my phone to send sms with this:

curl --header 'Access-Token: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --data-binary '{"push":{"conversation_iden":"+39xxxxxxxxx","message":"Hello from Almoonds PushBullet","package_name":"com.pushbullet.android","source_user_iden": "yyyyyyyy","target_device_iden":"zzzzzzzzzz", "type": "messaging_extension_reply"},"type":"push"}' --request POST https://api.pushbullet.com/v2/ephemerals

As you can see is a simple HTTP post with a body and some headers that let the customer using any android phone + pushbullet app sending sms from the phone

Can you add a "Generic HTTP SMS Provider" in the list? 


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The number of SMS providers will probably for us mushroom like the SIP trunk providers—which is a good thing! So lets try to address this in a way we can maintain that for a long time.

We'll add a provider "custom" that just collects the username and password (which is stored encrypted in the filesystem so there is no need to have it in clear text lying around in the file system). Then you can drop a JavaScript into the PBX that will do whatever the provider needs to send and receive messages. We'll provide an example on doc.vodia.com on how to use this, maybe just using the pushbullet.com sample.

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