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Video Door Phone


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This is Yealink's response

The Vodia PBX is not sending Video to the T58A in the original INVITE. This is not a setting that can be changed on the phone.


You will want to look to enable sending Video on the PBX side, or look into sending a direct SIP call to the Video phone, from the door phone (if possible).


The reason the phone being placed on hold, then starts the video, is because the phone sends a new INVITE when it comes off of hold. The phone is telling the PBX it has the option to send and accept video, so then the connection is made for video between the two devices.


You need the PBX side to send the initial INVITE SIP/SDP packet with the Video option included. There is no programmable button solution for this.

Will something be built in the PBX to allow this in the future?
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17 hours ago, brocs4766 said:

This is not a setting that can be changed on the phone.

We can assure you, that we've actually tried the video call between 2 Yealinks and it has worked for us ONLY after we manually enabled the Video setting on the phone (you can quickly find that too). Before manually turning it on, we weren't getting a Video call option on the phone. 

Please turn it on and test this again and you can see the difference in the logs (if nothing else).

If all the codecs are turned on, on the PBX's end, there is no other setting that needs to be turned on for this to work.

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