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Agent Group Call Back Feature


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Hi, I'm using Vodia 63.0.5 and I'm using agent group call back feature. I've set key 2 for the call back and attached are my settings. As soon someone press 2 for the call back system hang up the call and I see the caller number in outbound calling. But I want to make sure this is the way how it should work? Because as someone press 2 before hangup system should speak the caller number and give him option if he want to change his number and keep the same number. Please advise

call back.PNG

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The PBX just calls the number that was visible. That is okay in most cases. But I agree, we should confirm the number to avoid accidental call backs. The other thing that we are working on is a virtual hold, where the caller gets called back at a time when the caller would be waiting in line.

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