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Trying to setup multiple identities on a Yealink phone

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I'm trying to setup multiple identities on a phone for a customer because they run 4 different companies out of their office and need to be able to tell which company the caller dialed so they know how to answer the phone. My setup is this, I have a user, say extension 2800, and I setup 4 extensions for the 4 companies. I associated the MAC address of a Yealink T48S with all 5 of the extensions, I opened MAC based provisioning on all 5 extensions, and it shows that the phone is registered on all 5 extensions, but on the phone the line keys I setup for the 4 companies are grayed out, and there is an warning that says "Account Unregistered". In the extension programming, I don't  have a max number of concurrent registrations set, but is there a default limit? Also, I noticed that it seems to order the identities in numerical order according to the extension numbers. The problem is that the extension number I setup for one of the companies is lower than all of the users' extension numbers, so it wants to make that the primary identity on all of the phones. Is there a way to specify which identity is the default identity, or do I need to renumber my extensions so the identity numbers end up in the order I'd like them to be?
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You can put multiple identities through provisioning only within the same domain (you can still use multiple domains manually through classic SIP registration). For this you need to copy & paste the MAC address from your first account into the other accounts and re-sync the device. The order is kind of random, not sure if it is sorted by MAC or by first addition and there is frankly not much control over it. 

But in many cases you don't need that. The ACD has a feature for virtual offices, so that the PBX can indicate the called number on the display or even through a small announcement at the beginning of the call. 

Your setup sounds like it should work. I would double check that the address did not get blacklisted. In the button profile, you can select the "identity" it should use when assigning a button. This should be important for the phone, so that at least one line is available for each registration.

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Thank you for your help. I got everything work well now! I just wanted to come back and post what I found in case anybody else should run into a similar issue.

My customer wanted for calls to not only show the company name that the caller called, but also ring on specific buttons on the phones which is why I decided to go with the multiple identity setup. I found that the way the identities line up on a particular phone  is based on the extension numbers, and not necessarily what I feel is its "Default" identity. The lowest extension number is identity 1, the next lowest extension number is identity 2 and so on. I also found that i had to set the maximum number of concurrent registrations to the number of phones that were registering to the company's extension, otherwise the system wasn't allowing more than 5 registrations, even if the value was left blank.

Thanks again!

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