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Triangle and HTTP


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Hi! long time :)

There is again, a /\ Triangle and then an HTTP and the issues with the far en customer.  image.png.21a2a37852e86f43bf19f9b56cd9dcfb.png

What is the meaning or the cause of the   /!\ HTTP to appears?  But only when a specific provider is use. This not happening with all the other providers.

Hope this helsp!


Thank You


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Thank you,

The HTTP password ? i still dont understand,  all the other extensions (remotely) are configured and connected the same way as this one in particular, the only difference is that this one is using another provider with a multi-ISP rounter ( MicroTik ) and seems to be happening with this only ISP from there. 

I checked and compared every section of the extension configuration with the others and all are configured identically, except for various items, like: extension number, SIP Password, and Lines, all the rest are identically.

All the extensions are coming remotely, some as PBX extensions, but dont have this situation.

Also, Can you please address me to where exactly i can locate this:  "That means that the HTTP password is not secure."  so it might help me a little further?

Thank You

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