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Maximum call/channel setting per trunk


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When setting up a trunk, is it possible to specify a limit of how many concurrent calls a trunk can handle? So that if a trunk is already at capacity, the PBX continues down the dial plan until the next matching & available trunk is found?

Reason for this requirement is a SIP provider charges per channel/concurrent call on a trunk, and if the limit is reached and an additional call is attempted, the trunk does not respond with a 'trunk busy' code, but instead plays an audible message saying "no circuits are available, speak to your administrator".

We don't want users to hear this audible message, but instead for the PBX to know when a trunk it at it's limit, and route the call via another trunk instead.


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Hi, thanks for the reply.

Sadly that wouldn't do it.

We don't want to restrict the number of calls - we want the the opposite in fact.

Calls are restricted by the main truck provider, but I don't think they issue an error code when the trunk limit is reached, so as not too restrict the number of calls, the PBX would need to know what the maximum is for a particular trunk, so when that limit is reached, it would continue down the dial plan until another trunk with availability is found - does that make sense?


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I did see that and I didn't think it would help due to thinking the Telco doesn't respond with an error code - but I've just realised that I might be getting mixed up with something else. I will test on Monday to be sure, fingers crossed they do respond with an error code and the failover will work.

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You can uncross your fingers Lyndon, I can advise that for me this worked :)  ... its only just a little confusing that this Failover behavior option is located within Routing/Redirection section of the trunk which is predominantly to do with incoming call handling, though this is a routing thing so I guess it makes sense for it top be there
Error codes from the carrier would generally be generated on outgoing calls which is what I wanted it for. i.e. when Vodia attempts to send a call out via a trunk and it cannot.
Setting the parameter to "On all error codes" caused the system to move to the next option in the dial plan, which is exactly what I want it to do.

thank you Support!

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