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v67.0.1 does not set handset's web admin password


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I've provisioned two yealink handset's on Vodia v67.0.1, the handsets pull their general config but don't apply the web password set under Settings > General > Provisioning Parameters - the Yealinks are keeping their default admin/admin credentials.

If I provision one of the same two handsets to another PBX running v66.0.6, the password set under Settings > General > Provisioning Parameters - is applied.

Have I misconfigured or configured something differently between the two systems (although I can't see what as if I'm entering a password, that's what should get applied?) or has a bug been introduced into v67.0.1?

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Release note: "The “Yealink general” parameter will now drop those lines in the template that are used in the general parameter."
From the release notes of 67.0, it sounds like the provisioning CFG files are being parsed and dropping lines where the Yealink parameter is seen to be a duplicate.

For example, for setting user accounts and passwords:
#The following examples change the user's username to "user23" and the user's password to "user23pwd".
security.user_name.user = user23
security.user_password = user23:user23pwd
#The following examples change the admin's username to "admin55" and the admin's password to "admin55pwd".
security.user_name.admin = admin55
security.user_password = admin55:admin55pwd

To set the password for multiple users, the "security.user_password" parameter is used more than once. 
It would appear that the changes in 67.0 are resulting in the second use of the parameter being dropped because it is a duplicate.
As the 
security.user_name.admin value is set, and a password is not set, the password remains the default value.

We've noticed since the update to 67.0 the provisioning server URL is also not being provisioned. (static.auto_provision.server.url)

With a factory reset, the device will get the provisioning URL from Yealink RPS and connect and provision.
However, as soon as the device updates config, it clears the provisioning URL (as its not in the config file generated by vodia).
With the URL being blank you can no longer "re-sync" the extensions to push updates or tell the device to update configuration from the handset.

Our current work around is to login to the handset and update the admin password and provisioning server URL.
Would be great to have this resolved.

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You are absolutely right. The password is another exception to the rule that parameters can occur only once! It might have made sense to call the parameter security.user_password.admin, however we are not going to change the Yealink provisioning names. We already had the exception that if the parameter occurs just in the line before it would not be considered a duplicate. Anyhow this will be fixed in the next build which is 67.0.2.

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