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Multiple scheduled bookings at the same time for the same recipients - booked times are not made unavailable.

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PBX V 67.0.3 -  I made a test conference room and I logged into the user portal on the PBX and set up a scheduled conference - this was fine.  However, I went to see if the time was then unavailable in the schedule .. but  I could schedule another at the same time for the same user and the PBX seemed to crash.  Since this is a production environment I am reluctant to test further.  Was I just unlucky or is it a problem?  I don't want single users to be able to crash a multi tenant PBX.

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You can book multiple conference calls at the same time in a conference room. The conference ID will make sure that they cannot hear each other. That was supposed to be a feature since day one... And of course this should not crash the PBX. We'll check if it works as expected on our end.

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