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Collecting calls from Agent group using BLF


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Vodia Support,
I'm having trouble retrieving a call from an Agent group using a BLF key.
Agent group is 702.
Handset is a Yealink T43U
BLF is configured using Buttons and the Button is selected as Type = Agent Group, Parameter = 702.
The BLF key assigned to the Agent group 702 glows red indicating there is a call in the agent group.
Pressing the red BLF should enable me to retrieve the call however instead it initiates a new call to the agent group and the handsets is placed in the agent group in the queue as another call.
Dialing *87702 works to retrieve the call, however if this is programmed in as a BLF as the parameter, then the light will not glow red when a call is in the Agent Group.
I have turned on "Enable call pickup from extension BLF" within Agent Group 702
I would like to be able to retrieve the call from the Agent group, when the BLF is showing red, by pressing the BLF key.
The handset is not ringing at the time.

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Just tried that here on a snom 765 where it worked as expected. The "Enable call pickup from extension BLF" is not important because it is about a extension BLF not the ACD BLF.

You can pick up the call only when it is blinking, which means that the call is actually ringing an agent. Its debatable in certain situations, e.g. when there is no agent logged in and there is no other ringing call. The workaround for now is to use a star code obviously.  

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Thank you for testing this for me.
I tested with a snom also, and have found as you have suggested, when a call is in an Agent Group, but there is no Agent ringing, the BLF for the Agent Group does not flash.
This is a problem if all agents are busy. It means that another handset can't collect the call if they wished to.
By star code workaround, I assume you mean Group Pickup *87? This does work to collect the call even if the Agent Group BLF is not blinking, but if you're to do this, you're having to effectively double up on BLFs for each agent group. One to show you if there is a call waiting in the group and another to pickup the call.
Is there a work around to force the BLF to blink wherever a call is in the Agent Group regardless if there is an Agent ringing?

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Well right now the light will blink only if the call is ringing an agent. In the Vodia soft phone you (AFAIK) will be able to pick the call out of the queue which is a very easy way to solve the problem. But from the phone the *86 or *87 might be a workaround to get someone out of the ACD, specially when all agents are logged out. 

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Thank you.

What I'm actually trying to achieve is a visual indicator on the IP handsets so clients can see how many calls are waiting to be answered.

It doesn't matter to me how the system is holding the calls, as long as the client can see how busy the system is with calls waiting.

I know this can be achieved via the web interface, however for users that do not use this I would like to have a bank of BLFs that light up red or flash when there is a call waiting in the system to be answered.

To achieve this it would be nice if calls could be sent to Park Orbit and wait there until answered but the system won't send calls to Park Orbit unless the users does it.

So I'm exploring other options to have a call queue where the people in the queue is visually apparent on the handsets.

Using cascading Agent Groups with a Max of one call per group actually works, the only problem is you cannot pickup the call by pressing the BLF, you need to do *87 Call pickup.

Another thought is it might be nice if the Label of the Agent Group BLF could be auto updated with the current number of calls in an Agent Group waiting.

If you have any suggestions as to how I can achieve a handset visual indication of how many calls are waiting to be answered, that would be great.

I realize a lot of this is not possible at this time, but maybe you could take some of it as a product improvement suggestion if you think it worthwhile and for the greater benefit of all users.

Thank you for your support.


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