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Want to see original CID when forwarding calls


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Hello all. I have a customer who forwards all calls using the *80 feature code. When the calls ring on the phone they forward to, they see the CID of their office, but they would rather see the CID of the person who originally called in. Is there a way to set this up? I searched around on the forum and tried adjusting the SIP trunk settings going by a couple different topics I found, but I couldn't get it to work. I also tried having them use the Vodia app instead of forwarding the calls, but they kept saying it worked inconsistently, had audio issues, and that it didn't work when they were using a Bluetooth headset. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I am running the Vodia Multi-Tenant PBX version 67.0.4 hosted on Google, and our provider is QuestBlue

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I was just able to check on this and yes, I have set the regular ANI rule field on the outgoing trunk to "from:orig-ani", and in the custom headers set "from" to "based on incoming call". I've been able to get this working on an IoP before, but never on my hosted PBX for some reason. Is there anything else you can suggest?

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