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Monitor extensions in other domain

Wim van Ommen

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I try to monitor extensions in a different domain as the default and tried to put the username in as username@domain but the PAC translates this as username@domain@ip address of server.

Any way to do this?

I downloaded the latest.zip so that should not be the issue.


Thinking about hosted environments that sounds like a feature to me... You should not be able to spy on your neighbors!

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I was trying to log in to a server that does not have the right domain name set.

When I want to log into a different domain but use the ip to find the server it does not work.


Litte example:


user is user@topit.nl

default domain is pbxnsip.com

server is


if i put user@topit.nl into the username that does not work because the server is not known as topit.nl

in a normal sip client I can say domain is topit.nl and outbound proxy is


This is not possible at the moment with PAC but it would be useful if you have a multi domain pbxnsip with no internal DNS servers.

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