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Change log of versions 68.0.2 & 68.0.3


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The version V68.0.2 has been present in the repos for several weeks and the V68.0.3 also seems available via the url https://portal.vodia.com/downloads/pbx/version-68.0.3.xml.

Can you provide the list of changes or update the page https://doc.vodia.com/docs/releasenotes680 with 68.0.2 and 68.0.3?

When will 68.0.3 switch to the "recommended" version (provided when calling the page https://portal.vodia.com/downloads/pbx/version-68.0.xml)?

Thank you!

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68.03 RC (Release Candidate) - then notes on what is being worked on. 

What we need is a release strategy. Release beta code that should *not* be deployed as production. Use the user base to feed back issues then incorporate the fixes, if any, into a new release that's also beta. Once there's a stable release that's been tested then release it.


move to 68.0.5 for more daily builds. 

This approach bothers me. Why have daily builds and release them? It much more sensible to produce daily builds for testing then when there's a beta candidate release it as such. Eventually you have a release candidate with is then release for general use. The vital point here is not to release daily builds with the same version number.

If you have a 68 branch that,s OK but when and how do you merge those changes back into the main trunk code... and what's the strategy for doing so to ensure stable releases are in fact stable so we avoid what happened with the initial release of v68

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It's not unusual to make builds publicly available to enhance the exposure. Those builds are on the stable branch and they are generally very close to the actual released images, however we need to make clear that they are not released images. We'll use the name "68.0.5.beta" to make this clear to everyone. That being said the promised 68.0.4 build was made and we'll release it soon.

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I completely agree with what we wrote the different partners we need to be able to differentiate the beta version from the versions and more it goes a lot more information on the fixes that are imported to the beta version in order to be able to  make a technical watch much more efficient


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