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how to calculate the waiting for time in queue for a call


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HI guys,


We are using the "wallboard" and "acdcdr" related APIs to get calls records for the analysis to see the performance of our Call Centre, and now wondering if we can get waiting time in the queue of those calls which are hung up when they are directed by IVR into a queue. It seems there is no relevant information can be retrieved from either "wallboard" or "acdcdr" APIs.

Any one who can please share some ideas on how to get the relevant information from Vodia server?


Also, a sample for a call record retrieved from "acdcdr" API (not pick up by an agent):

        "id": "71703999-819E-40E5-A9F1-D00A2B9F032E",
        "extension": "",
        "from": "\"xxxx74010\" <sip:xxxx74010@xxxxx.cloudpbx.net.nz>",
        "to": "\"xxxx52287\" <sip:xxxx52287@xxxx.cloudpbx.net.nz>",
        "language": "",
        "code": "487",
        "start": "1639684640.277",
        "ivr": "7370",
        "ring": "",
        "talk": "",
        "hold": "",
        "idle": "",
        "reason": "hw",
        "codec": "",
        "rating": "",
        "missed": []




17 Dec 2021

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Thank you!

I have done that by using the API to get data and write them into a mysql database.


While the question is : how to get the information that our reporting requires, as mentioned in my first post:  From the cdr records, (1) how can we identify if a call is hung up by the customer ( the caller) before the customer representative (the callee) picks up it ( i suppose the criteria for this is that there is no agent_id for this cdr)?

(2) does Vodia pre-define the field "call_reason" (e.g., 'hc', 'hw,' 'hr', 'localhungup') of the cdr record ?







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Hm newbie in use call recorders. But my coworker suggested to start call recorder app form iPhone 12. Call recording is your business's ability to record a voice conversation over an audio source. Active calls or conference calls can be recorded and then stored as a digital file to be transcripted or listened to at a later stage. 

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