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Limit call recording usage


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20 hours ago, Vodia PBX said:

There is only a maximum duration for call recordings which is a system setting. 

Is that a setting per call recording or tenant recording?  Is it something that could be incorporated into a new build?  How do other people manage this?

Basically, limit the total time or capacity used per tenant with call recordings.  A number of competitors offer x hours or y GB of recordings for their clients.  It's not really a system wide setting in a multi tenant PBX.

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Right now we have the limitation per call I mentioned above and the duration how long the call recordings are stored. In most cases we have see the requirement to keep the recordings for so-and-so many days, no matter how many calls or total minutes that tenants was using. That is why we have the setting for each tenant. Many clients have the legal requirements for example to store calls for 90 days. They would be upset if recordings are deleted because of space limitations. 

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Is the general usage to have unlimited recordings per tenant and only restrict individual tenants via term storage?  I can limit recordings per call (at a system level for all tenants) but if we allow a tenant to keep call recordings, what is stopping them from using all available disk space if they record everything?  What I have seen in most other cases is you get a plan with x amount of call recordings, or x amount of disk space to use - pushing some of the onus on call management back to the tenant.. we simply provide the ability to record calls and temporary storage, the tenant then downloads and has a permanent resource available.  Or is there a way to incorporate Dropbox as a storage location?


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What you could do is put into the SLA that a tenant can store so-and-so many minutes of recordings for so-and-so many days. The PBX will make sure that the days are enforced.

You can check from time to time if your hard drive is getting too full, which is generally a good idea. In that case contact the tenant (I would not delete it right away). But I think it will happen only in exceptional cases where you will also see a huge amount of calls for that tenant. 

There are many file systems available today that take care about pushing content somewhere into the cloud. All you need to do is make a symbolic link of the recordings directory or even the tenant recordings directory to one of those file systems. One TB should cost around 30 USD per year, which can store 2 million minutes if I did the math correctly. To put this into perspective at a hourly rate of 10 USD that would be roughly 300 K USD worth of salary. So the storage cost would be 0.01 percent of the agent cost.

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