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Faxing reliability


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We also have Grandstream UCM managing some inbound fax to email and these are quite solid.  Their email format is a let down though.  Vodia has a better email format but faxing is not as reliable.  The UCM seems to include ECM but the Vodia does not.

In a PCAP capture in T.38:

The UCM has: data:v17-14400: hdlc-data[xxxxxxxxxxxx...] hdlc-fcs-OK (HDC Rassembled: FCD - Facsimile coded data- Frame num:XX)

Vodia has: data:v17-14400: t4-non-ecm-data[xxxxxxxxxxxx...]

Are there any areas I can look at to improve reliability?


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Well SIP and FAX have in common that interoperability is challenging. If the switch to T.38 works, that is already a huge help as it reduces the problems with modems. We are still finding FAX bugs and areas of improvements, and we simply need to sit down and go through the details. That being said, the next version (will be 68.0.10) will be able to generate PCAP for the trunk-to-mailbox call which should make troubleshooting even easier. Those PCAP should be attached to a ticket in the support system.

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