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16 hours ago, RichardDCG said:

wouldn't you want the PBX to drop the request and not redirect?  Otherwise it would defeat the purpose of blocking direct IP access...

Yea I am not 100 % sure what exactly happens, but it does not redirect it to another location (that is 100 % sure).

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Unfortunately, this function did not work in our test environment.

It's about some security rating company will check that the SSL certificate matches the applied domain name.

They found the SSL certificate used for direct IP access does not match the domain name applied for and therefore lowered the rating.

I know Apache and other HTTP server can deny the direct IP access and look for the same function in Vodia server.


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We had already made a change in the development version for this, so that the PBX will not respond to requests that do not match any valid name of the system. This can be controlled with the flag "Ignore packets that do not match a domain on the system" (/reg_security.htm). We will just include this in the next build (68.0.14). 

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