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Inbound number identification


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I have trunks set with Source for caller-ID information to remote ID, however it doesn't seem to be using that.  Calls from other IP systems/tenants show extension names, queue names, local PBX ext. numbers etc. and then match an entry in our addresses.  For example a remote call from an ext. 100 on another tenant shows as an inbound call from our Night AA that is configured on 100.  Inbound calls are using the From address and not the Remote ID.  I have tried setting Outbound ANI but that doesn't seem to make a difference...   

Is there a way to get outbound calls from ext. or queues to present the ANI as the From address?  Or how do I get it to recognize and process the Remote ID?

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If the Remote-Party-ID header is not present, it will still use the From header. I am not 100 % getting exactly what the problem is here.

Because there is limited space (and only one header) for standard VoIP phones, we have the possibility to combine group names and caller-ID into the same header (Caller-ID to show to agents). If you choose a short group name, the caller-ID and the group name will still fit on the screen of a standard VoIP phone.

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